Vision - a happy smile for a job well done

We think it makes a big difference when you have a clean and in-order office, stairway or

private home.

If your area is constantly dirty, it can be frustrating. It can have a decisive influence on employee performance, and others - customers, friends, family and acquaintances – to name some, and it can make a significant difference if one is satisfied with his or her life.

Therefore, our goal is to make you happy through cleaning your environment. We love to see your smile when you see your clean offices, buildings or private homes. Making you smile is our motivation.

Environment - we use wind power

Wind Power is better for the environment because turbines producing 100% renewable energy based on a natural resource - and that we use for our website. is hosted from a web hoster, which has its sites on a server powered by energy from wind turbines. Working with a supplier that uses wind power to our website is a contribution from Danrengøring to a greener environment.

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